Top 11 World Fashion Brands Importing Apparel from Bangladesh 2019

The clothing brands made in Bangladesh are outstanding. The world’s first class manufacture clothing company collects its good from Bangladesh.

In spite of having a lot of bands, all are not famous and well established. The different types of clothing made in Bangladesh have been famous all over the world. So different manufacture come in Bangladesh form a different area of the world.

The world famous brands all over the world collect garments apparatus from this country. The buyer is satisfied with the quality of the Bangladeshi products.

The clothing and textile industries are growing rapidly. It is playing the most outstanding role in the contribution of Bangladeshi economic growth. The exporter is earning foreign exchange by exporting clothing apparatus and ready-made cloth.

The low cost is another reason why foreign buyer comes in Bangladesh. Some remarkable brands take a product from this country such as M & S, Calvin Klein, Lee and H & M.

Here is the Top 11 list of clothing brands made in Bangladesh

1. Marks & Spencer

This British multinational company takes huge apparel from Bangladesh. They work basically with the leed-certified company of Bangladesh.

M & S is a world-famous retailer. It has a great heritage. Their business is home, cloth, food and others.

They ensure every single product quality full. This brand offers its product internationally.

M & S provides its products to the 1000 communities of the world. It helps 10 million people to live healthier and happier. M and s is a zero waste business until 2025.

This world famous brand is satisfied with the apparatus of Bangladesh. Every single year, they import their expected products from this country.

2. Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein is one of the American luxurious fashion houses. It was established in 1968. They are famous for watches, perfumery, jewellery, watches, cloth and other products. Calvin Klein also provides unique style footwear, underwear, handbag, home furnishing, and others. Calvin Klein takes different types of apparels from Bangladesh. The denim wear, the t-shirt is their choice.

3. Lee

Lee is one of the American most famous Company. Denim jeans are the most familiar product of this company. It was established in1889 in Kansas and Salina. The lee is basically led by VF Corporation.

This is one of the international retailers. In the United States, they have more than 400 employees. Since 2007, this company is well known in Australia.

The company was formed in 1889 by Henry David Lee is the founder of this company. It was first established in 1889. In 1920, they continued to expand.

In 1930 to 1940, they have been leading manufacturer in the U.S.A. Lee enlarged the casual wear 1954. In 1960 countries,

They have spread their business more than 81 countries. It is a famous brand in the world. It takes lots of accessories from Bangladesh. As Bangladesh is a remarkable denim industry, Lee chooses to take denim form this country.

4. H & M

Hennes & Mauritz is one of the international retail companies. It was first introduced as a fashion house. The manufactures import men, women, and children cloth form Bangladesh.

H & M is a world famous brand. It is well known in 62 countries and it has 4500 stores all over the world. The number of employees is all around 132,000

From the first step, they are working in fashion. Now, among all other sustainable fashion industry, it is great.

H & m group works with multiple brands.  It is the first fashion company in Swedish. H& m collects goods from Bangladesh. They take different types of clothing from this country.

5. Supreme

It is one of the remarkable American brands. It is established in 1994. The brand works basically the product of young generation. This brand is well known for skateboarding, and rock culture. The brand collects a lot of accessories from Bangladesh. They have their expected products with the lowest price from Bangladesh.

6. American Eagle

American eagle was known as American eagle outfitters. But, now, it is known as only an American eagle. This brand is American accessories and clothing retailer. It’s headquartered in Pittsburgh and Pennsylvania. It is familiar for women, men and kids collection. They are also famous for exceptional and esthetic design women’s attire.

7. Armani Exchange

Armani exchange is another most famous clothing brand in New York. It collects various types of garments accessories from different areas of the word. Especially, it takes products from Bangladesh. They are superior for men, women and kids collections. Armani exchange discovers women trendy dress from this country.

8. Tommy Hilfiger

It is known as Tommy Hilfiger Corporation. It is one of the American premium clothing companies. This retailer company is not only famous for clothing. It is also famous for footwear, home furnishings and fragrances. But it is iconic for cloth especially. Since 1985, Tommy Hilfiger is importing garments clothing from Bangladesh.

9. Hugo Boss

It is a luxury fashion house in Germany. The main product of the Hugo Boss is clothing. The headquarter of the fashion house is in Metzingen. The company started with the rise of the Nazi party. Hugo collects different types of garment accessories from Bangladesh.

10. Zara

Zara is a remarkable fashions retailer in Galicia. It is one of the world’s famous apparel retailers. It is the child of the Inditex group. Its headquarters is situated in Arteixo, spin.

Zara collects man, women and kids collection from Bangladesh.

11. Gap

The gap is another superior accessories and retailer Of America. Its headquarter is situated in San Francisco. Since 1969, it is a brandable company. Gap invests a standard amount of money to collects garments accessories from Bangladesh. Gap collects baby, maternity dress and other garments apparatus from this country.

The above-mentioned brands are the most common. They take garments apparatus from Bangladesh.

The garment accessories and attire importer are increasing day by day. People of all classes want to import products from Bangladesh. In this county, they find their chosen dress at affordable price. Besides, the labour of Bangladesh is chief than all other countries.

The fashion brands of the world are inclining to this country for enjoying extra-benefit.

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