How to Get Fire License in Bangladesh: Registration & Procedure 2023

What is Fire License?

A fire license is an important document issued by the fire services. This document ensures the safety of any place.

This is one of the obligatory parts required by all factories in Bangladesh. According to the fire fighting Act 2003, a fire license is the necessary documents not only for garments, rather for other company also.

How to Get Fire License in Bangladesh Registration & Procedure
How to Get Fire License in Bangladesh Registration & Procedure

Fire license fee in Bangladesh 2022

Fire license fee in Bangladesh is 800. You can easily get it from here.

This Act has been mandatory for the sake of prevention and reduction of damage in case of fire. This license in Bangladesh is issued by the civil defense and fire service.

Fire License Registration Procedure in Bangladesh 2022

Having a fire license is crucial for every industrial enterprise. This license is too essential than collecting a trade license. For taking fire licenses, you must need some papers.

• 2 sets of layout plan of the factory
• Selection of fire extinguisher
• Bank Solvency Certificate
• Trade License
• Tax Payer’s Identification Number (TIN
• Statement of firefighting Instruments
• Fire extinguishing spare parts

Required supporting documents: Fire License BD

You need also some supporting requirements to get the fire licenses. Among these, what you have to include

• Attached copy of the Certification of Incorporation
• Articles of Association.
• Layout/Plan of Building
• No Objection Certificate by the local people
• In the case of R/ A used in the plastic industry.
• Valuation Certificate from Municipality
• Deed of agreements if rental space
• No objection certificate from Commissioner
• In the case of the plastic industry

How to Get Fire License in Bangladesh: Process steps for Fire License in 2022

First of all, you have to collect an application form the civil defense and fire service. It is easy to collect. You need to go to the head office of the fire service.

Then, you have to fill-up the form. If you need the certificate for garments factor, attach all the related information of garments factory. Or you need the certificate for another purpose; you should include the documents related to your company.

Then, attach all the supporting documents with the application. Submit an application including all other documents.

After submitting everything, the place of your factory or company will be observed by the FS & CD Inspector.

The area of factories should be wider as the fire brigade vehicle can enter into the spot.

Two exit staircases and the Fire-Fighting Equipment are also the requirements behind the fire license.

After inspection, when everything is okay. A fee should be deposited in the mentioned account. This is the official account no: 1 – 2261 – 0000 – 2009

After completing this requirement, the site will be revisited again. The authority will check whether the fire fighting equipment has been put in the right place or not. They will check also the flagged violation. Last, of all, you will obtain fire licenses.

Fire License Time Frame 2022:

You will have fire license within 7 days. It can be late if you fail to show the firefighting equipment.

Fire License Renewal Process 2022:

The renewal process of fire fighting licenses is easy. You have to submit the license and Bangladesh bank challan to the inspector. The authority will renew the time of fire licenses. The fire licenses should be renewed every year from the FSCD office.

Hope this guide will help you to get fire license easily from Bangladesh. Let us know your thoughts on, I’ll be glad if you add some valuable information in comment section by sharing your experience.

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