How to Get Trade License in Bangladesh 2023

Having a license means having permission for doing anything. This permission is given by government agencies normally. In the same way, when anyone goes to start a business in Bangladesh, he should need permission. The permission is from City Corporation (Dhaka City Corporation, Chittagong City Corporation). The people from the local district need permission from (Pouroshava, Union Parishad, Upozilla, or Zillah Paris had).

How to Get Trade License in Bangladesh
How to Get Trade License in Bangladesh

When anyone starts a trade, he needs the licenses for having permission for this business. According to Municipal Taxation rules, without a trade license, a business is not legal. For a successful business, you have to apply an appropriate form.

The system of getting a trade license is simple. An applicant needs some documents for having trade licenses.

The 12 documents are required to get trade license in Bangladesh. Here are these:

  • National ID card (NID) of the entrepreneur
  • Application Form from City Corporation (Dhaka, Chittagong, or Others Local City Corporation)
  • Holding Tax payment receipt
  • Recent receipt (papers) or ownership proof
  • Passport size photos of the business holder
  • A non-judicial stamp for abiding by rules
  • Of city Corporation
  • Memorandum of Association
  • Agreement of partnership (If he/she has a partner)
  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Statement of Bank Solvency (Full Clearance)
  • Work Permit from Board of Investment

The procedure to apply for a trade license 2022

I Get My Trade License in Bangladesh Very Fast Way
Trade License Form

First of all, an applicant has to take the application form the city corporation. After fulfilling, the licensed supervisor will inspect this. The application will receive according to the requirements of governments.

Time Limitation

It does not take huge time. Timing depends on the types of business.

Scheduled Government Fee

The fee of the application form is only BDT 10.00. The license fee relies on what types of business the entrepreneur going to start. The license fee can be from 100 to 5000 taka. The licenses fee also related to the capital of the business.

The system of renewing business

The trade licenses should be renewed. At the time of renewing trade licenses, a trader needs Chillan book, TIN certificate. Based on documents, the city corporation will renew the trading licenses process.

The history of the trade licenses

In 1983, Trade licenses are started under the city corporation rules. Since that time, the traders are taking steps to follow the rules of the government. The process of trading licenses is not complicated. Just lack of transparency, the beginner faces a problem. The trader has to spend extra money so that they have their trading licenses in no time.

Again different trade licenses require different requirements. If you want to have trade licenses for industries, you have to need more documents. Industrial trading is not the same as other small businesses.

  • What you need first of all
  • The industry should be free from surrounding claim
  • Copy of fire certificate
  • Location Map is carrying need
  • Declaration to abide by the rules of DCC
  • Passport size photograph of the owner

But if you want to start a private hospital you need the entire basic document as for others. Along with these, the permission from the Director General of Health is important.

When you go to open the limited company, you must need these 2 documents

  1. Certificate of In-Corporation
  2. Memorandum of Article

The requirement is also different for Residential Hotel and the printing press. For these, you have to collect licenses from Deputy Commissioner. When you go to open a recruitment agency, you need licenses from Man Power export Bureau.

In the same way, the copy of Arm licenses for Arm and Ammunition. The copy of the civil agency is from civil aviation.

Trade license in Bangladesh is not complicated. Unlike in other countries, it is easy. Just for having your trade licenses, you have to know the exact process. Every single entrepreneur needs to have a trade. Especially, it is too important to lead the business in Dhaka.

Dhaka City Corporation has been divided in two ways: Dhaka North City Corporation and Dhaka south city corporation. But in the fields of two City Corporation, the system is not different than each other.

Trade licenses for a commercial firm

Dhaka City Corporation (DCC) maintains two types of trade licenses. What types of licenses you need depends on trade. The commercial firm should take the “K” form. The form will take from the zonal office. The cost of the form is only 10 taka.

The inspection of the licenses supervisor

This is applicable for all trading. After submitting documents, the supervisor will inspect all related information going t practical field. The supervisor will take time to prove the truth before approval. For this reason, a business holder has to wait a few days.

Signboard fee

The signboard fee is another option for having trade licenses. The charge of the business is mandatory for all types of business. A trader has to pay 30% of his licenses fee.

Trade License is part and parcel for every trade. Without trading licenses, this is illegal. On this issue, the authority can take steps against any business trader. Trade may be small or big. But each and every single trade needs a license to prove that the business is fair. A business entity may have a business in different places. In these fields, the business holder needs to have licenses of different places. The business licenses should be renewed manually.

In this page, a trader or even fresher will have a clear concept of why a trader need license. The system is How to have licenses and the way of renewing licenses. The method of having licenses from Dhaka City Corporation is not different. It maintains the rules as other local districts. But based on business, the process may be different. As establishing a hospital or product production business are not the same.

In the same way, the method of having a license is the same. It varies from business to business.  The system of taking a bribe in the government official activities is common. For having this, the service holder will take more time intentionally. They will show one lame excuse. It is nothing but the trap of having extra money. If you want to have the license fast, you should have a target of extra expenditure.

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