Privacy Policy is all about Bangladeshi affairs. You can full fill your thirst going through the site. This covers everything from the inception of Bangladesh and the present condition of what is happening.

This is one of the secured sites. We are committed not to use anyone personal data in any illegal way. We never sell data for the 3rd parties. So it is our responsibility to keep the user financial and personal data secure.

We always maintain what we have mentioned in the privacy policy. So we encourage our readers to read the privacy policy minutely. It is not deniable that we collect the user’s data. But, it is true that we never misuse this.

This site covers a lot of information about transport, fashion, education, festivals, and others. In this site, you will have actual information about Bangladeshi affairs. All the information is accurate. One can rely on affairs.

Communicate with you

The purpose of collecting information is to communicate with the client directly. Besides, it is used for knowing the user any update, notification or any good news for the website user. We also let the user know the upcoming improvements.

Measure performance

Data analytics is one of the most important parts of websites. It helps to know the details of the user. Knowing the number of users, the geography of the users and the motive of users are easy through data analytics. It also helps us to optimize the user desired information. The data we have from the data analytics helps to use for the ad campaign. The data analytic lets the user know about the intention of the user.

We secure personal information

Keeping secure personal data is our ethics. There is no possibility of misusing your data. We use the user data only for communication between us and users. We adopt the entire necessary step to keep your data protected. We keep data private using encryption. We also prevent unauthorized access and maintain the physical security measure.

Information you provide to us

At the time of using this website, we collect some information. We have to collect this because of communicating with the user and providing benefit to them.

Registration data

Sometimes we take the basic information of a user for the purpose of surveys, polls, and campaigns. The basic information is:

• First name

• Last name

• Email address

• Phone number

Collect information automatically

We also collect information from the user automatically. The devices the user use is collected automatically such as a tablet, mobile, pc, and other devices.

The page views, search queries, time spent on pages are tracked automatically. Geo-location information is another one we collect from the user. Basically, the information is collected using the cookies. We may also collect your information to track user behavior and preferences for internal analytics and research. We may also use your information: Tracking user behavior lets us take the perfect analytic and research. It is also helpful for evaluating the interest of the user.

Optional online survey

Occasionally we ask the user to complete the online survey. The information is about the zip code, age, geographic and others. The information is helpful for accelerating the benefit of the website user. However, the survey is optional. If anyone prefers to give information, we can utilize this.

Promotional offers

We use the information for another purpose such as providing SMS, email newsletter and outreach promotional offer and others. We use this information only when you have consent about this process.

Data transfer & processing globally

The information we collect is safe appropriately. We may use the information for affiliate purposes. The information we process has reasonable steps to keep the data safe.

Security with laws

We update the physical and technical security always. There are no possibilities of alteration and unauthorized access. We also use the data encryption and firewall to keep our site secure.

Changes to this policy

With the passage of time, we have to change the privacy policy. It is also our right to change the privacy policy without user’s permission. But we let the user convey using the notification (only the user who has submitted an email or related information).


If you have any complaints about our data processing activities, you have the right to share your opinion for modification purposes. You can contact the data protection authorities.