How To Register: Trademark Registration in Bangladesh 2023

Trademark is one of the most important steps of the traders. The trademark registration gives a registered number which is quite supportive in every sphere of business. Although the multi-class trademark application is not filled in Bangladesh, another trademark application is filled. In Bangladesh, anyone can register a trademark for their business support.

Trademark Registration in Bangladesh
Trademark Registration in Bangladesh – (How to register a trademark in Bangladesh)

Foreign proprietors can file?

The opportunities are available. The foreign properties have the chance for registration in Bangladesh. Bangladeshi trademark registration provides a transfer to broader registration. The trademark registration takes cost. Unlike in other countries, the cost of the trademark is less. The cost of the trademark is standard.

  • Examine – No Cost (smooth case)
  • Filing fee with POA and vat – $73
  • Registration fee with vat – $220
  • Journal publication fee with vat – $20

How to register a trademark in Bangladesh: Full Procedure of registration in 2022

A registered trademark legal time is seven years from the date of filling. You can renew this within 10 years.


In a prescribed manner, the trademark application is filled in Bangladesh. The trademark application is available for the single class trader only, there is no chance to fill a multi-class trademark in Bangladesh.

The duration of having a trademark in Bangladesh is for 6 months. The POA fee is 5025 taka. The official cost of VAT is mandatory. Besides these, the attorney fee is also included. You can have these 3 working days.


After filling the application, the register examines the trademark. They will judge minutely whether these have any similarity with the other trademark registration or not. The authority will judge the identical, similarity, and distinctiveness. It will be better to maintain everything according to the requirements of law.

After checking, when register will have everything unique, he will recognize the latter of acceptance. Thereafter, the trademark will be useable in the purpose of advertisement in the trademark journal.


Thereafter, when the registered will have everything appropriate, he will accept the sign for the shake of advertisement. With the publication, they will require   1150 BDT. The time will cover 8 to 12 months from the date of publication.

Trademark Registration 2022

The register will issue the certificate unless no opposition receives the trademark against the applicant.  After that register is obliged to issue the certificate of the register for the purpose of a trademark based on the prescribed fee. Here you can register your trademark.

Required information for the applicant for Trademark Registration

Applicant/Company Name Your Name or Company Name
Address Your Address or Office address
Signatory’s Name and Position Write Your Signatory’s Name & Position
E-mail (Optional) Your e-mail
Phone Number (Optional) Your Phone Number
Status of the Applicant Manufacturer, Merchant, and Service Provider (No need to change)
Types of Applicant Example: Private limited/Public Limited Company
Nationality of the applicant Example: A company organized and existing under the laws of USA
Required Information of Trademark Registration in Bangladesh

Required information for the trademark

Description of the Mark Example: Word/XYZ, or W/XYZ with logo
Specimen of the Mark/Logo Please attach a copy of the Logo/Mark (if any)
Nice Classification 3
Using the period of the trademark Example: 2010 or Proposed to be used.
Priority Claim (if any) YES/NO
Trademark Registration Required Information in BD

What are the benefits of a registered trademark in Bangladesh?

A registered trademark is not a mandatory part of the backdrop of Bangladesh. However, it is important to maintain the standard of business. It is too important for obtaining a BSTI certificate. In the sphere of goods, trademark registration is mandatory.

According to the law, one has no right to have any registered mark. Only your unique mark is recognizable. You will gain the monopoly mark for trademark acts. A trademark adds value to your business. It is an asset of a business. When your trademark will be valuable to the market, you can sell to other parties. Besides these, you will have others benefit by registering your trademark.

Exclusive rights

The trademark registration will give you the chance to use the mark for different purposes. You can use it for selling your service or goods. The trademark is powerful; it will work also as remedies such as damages, interdicts, and others.


A registered trademark gives you extra-opportunities. It is also helpful for having loan facilities. The trademark gives the impression of stability, protection, and security.

Intangible property

The trademark registration is quite important. It is assigned as intangible property. It will attract the value to your product and your service that you are going to promote. A trademark contains the goodwill. The unregistered trademark can never be compared with the registered trademark.


Trademark registration protects the goodwill of your business. If your trademark is registered,   the unethical trader will have the brave to copy your sign, branding name, or business-related opportunities. Only, you will enjoy the business goodwill.

Protective gear

Your trademark works as protective gear. If you have the registered mark, it is easy to bring the illegal business person under control easily. Even, they are punished widely. The businessman who breaks the rules can be punished with a large amount of money. The highest amount is Tk. 200,000.   The lowest amount is 50,000

Trademark infringement

The unauthorized trademark belongs to trademark infringement. There are many businessmen who want to take benefit from following another trademark. If your trademark is resisted according to the law of government. No one can follow your branding name, logo, or any other things. The illegal business that copies your brand will be brought under punishment.

Protections because of registered trademarks

According to the 25 section trademark act, no one can use the same trademark except the registered trademark. If the registered trademark notices any businessman who is following their trademarks, the infringer will be brought under punishment. In the 97 section, it is mentionable that the registered trademark owner may case in court against the infringer.

The punishment of the trademark infringer

Based on section 73 of the act, the registered trademark authority will demand punishment because of the misleading consumer about their real products. The punishment can be 2 lacks to taking a fine and 2 years imprisonment. But minimum punishment can be 50 thousand take-ups and 6 months imprisonment. You can take this step only when you will bring your trademark under registration.

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